Fior di Ventagli - Fior di Tessuti

A valuable collection of antique fans, on display at our headquarters in Baricella

The fan, born in the countries of the Rising Sun, arrived in Europe in the fifteenth century, quickly spreading to all the courts and becoming the protagonist of social life, particularly in Paris. Here lives a long moment of splendor until the early twentieth century.

The nineteenth-century fashion requires fans increasingly elaborate and forces the artisans to work with any material: from fine woods, ivory, to the delicate mother-of-pearl, exotic turtle for the ribs, from fine silk to delicate lace and embroidered for pages.

why choose floral fans?

Historically, the flowers are a symbol of wealth, delicacy and femininity, and their history and that of the fans repeatedly crosses. The fan that opens with a clever gesture of the hand, immediately recalls the blossoming of a rich flower, rich yet delicate.

The flowers and fans, carriers of ancient and modern meanings, talismans of beauty, hanging on the walls as trophies of past eras, take new life in a collection of fabrics produced by Nella tessuti celebrating, once again, the traditional European and Italian Beauty, always a source of inspiration and falling in love.

On display you will find fans of various origins (private collections and not), among which those of Linda and Paola De Dominicis, well known antiquarian from Milan, as well as a small but valuable section of fans provided by the Communal Collection of Art in Bologna.